Organic Certified

Saintlike Herbs is a strong believer in organic farming.
In reality, every tea and herb we make is certified organic by the Good Market Organic Participatory Guarantee System Sri Lanka, ensuring that our tea and herbs organic authenticity is maintained from field to cup.

We ensure that our herbal tea production is safer for the environment, farmers and safer for you by

Maintaining healthy soil

Soil always requires a healthy relationship with everything around it, and when this relationship is harmed through chemical means, everything is altered.
Saintlike Herbs organic farming involves growing and nurturing crops without synthetic-based fertilizers and pesticides—also, no genetically modified organisms.

Healthy water cycle

Everything we spray, put, flush, or trash reaches our water cycle, adding substances to rivers, streams, and lakes.
We believe that organic fertilizing is the most effective method to protect and improve our watersheds.

Healthy People

All plants absorb nutrients and materials through root uptake.
This process is known as bioaccumulation.
Conventional non-organic farms use synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides, which are absorbed by the crops they grow.
There is no way to wash out the toxins that have been absorbed by bioaccumulation.

Organic farming methods rely on composting, natural fertilizers, and green supplements that contribute to healthy plant absorption, good for you and the environment


Conventional farms may use genetically modified organisms like seeds that have been engineered to be pest-resistant and easily cultivated in poor soil.

We don’t yet know the impact of producing these plants because genetic engineering is an experimental process. There are also concerns that GMO crops will impact non-target species such as insects, birds, bats, and animals that feed on conventional farms. 

Did you know that Organic certification is only granted for non-GMO plants

Good Market Organic official link for certification

Our Organic Certification

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